Everybody’s Escaping

Captured, coerced Explosives planted, in the neck Dissolving to a countdown And hours to drag America’s A-number-one fat-cat back to his power police Government prerogative circa 1997 They have their Snake and’ll eat it too In New York. Glider above, crazies under The Duke muscling b’hind men and chandeliers On the hood of his car! Chock full o’ Nuts’ good for nothing but a fawning blonde and cheap floorboards  Future friends are few Cabbie maybe, Brain and his squeeze play the role But they all want something. “I heard you were dead” and there it is Plissken’s best broken record … Continue reading Everybody’s Escaping

Ordinance 12

Ordinance 12 It’s simple enough Tell a dozen things you’ve heard and stuff Stuff meaning saw Meaning felt in the bones A hairdresser’s flinch, a neighbor’s groans Drop it into a speaker box Before you lie flat for the night. Ordinance 12 It’s a gift from the state Doing your part feels really great Great meaning just Meaning public contribution The reported cease to be, that’s some slick resolution Warms the citizen heart Before it lies flat for the night. Ordinance 12 It’s found me too A former second son, once removed Removed meaning processed Meaning given a break From … Continue reading Ordinance 12