Disney dud Or a merchandising dream Putting spider sense on Tatooine The friendly neighborhood wise-cracking Sith Crushing windpipes, snapping pics for the Bugle Banthas and shit Make some serious front-page coin if he ever gets stateside Ever curbs Luke’s ever-loving moaning and the Rebel yell Dumb-ass Admirals with Ugnaught smell Before taking on the pains of New York traffic J. Jonah J. The ravings of Ock, skeletal Aunt May And an increasingly fickle fanbase Ugh… No lesser evil in the galaxy. Continue reading Forced

Ink Mastered

Busted outlines Overworked skin Show precision boy, get your skull pick in If you can This ain’t a game for one-trick ponies Blow-out specialists Or mom and poppers who think a clubfoot on a geisha warrants High-fivin’ your canvas Note “Master” in the title if there’s any mis-confusion Why you’re in the bottom again. Pin-up babe, her face is jacked Colors don’t pop Nunez told you more black Yeah we know Rugrats at home, bills and issues Pull a clean line first, then tissues Bad enough your competitive spirit got you stuck with Old School on da ribs But a … Continue reading Ink Mastered